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At Petzz.Org we expertise in providing high quality and reliable veterinary care directly at your doorstep via our home visit vets.

We have a team of 100+ Experienced Veterinary doctors in Bangalore with expertise in treating different Breeds and Species. Our Annual Healthcare Plans, which are delivered directly at your doorstep are carefully developed keeping in mind your pet’s age and needs, and aim to prevent the onset of diseases, ailments and other preventable problems. These healthcare plans are specially designed to ensure regular check-up and care for your pets, preempt problems before they become serious and therefore shift the complete veterinary care ecosystem from diagnosis to prognosis. This would ensure longer and happier lives for your pets.

All pets covered under our healthcare plans are assigned a family vet who visits your pets at regular intervals (scheduled to your convenience), carries out regular check-ups (including but not limited to vaccination, deworming, nutrition counselling, skin care counselling, behavioural counselling) and make sure that your pets are healthy. Further, since we are keeping a regular check on the health of your pets, you do not need to worry about missing an appointment with the vet or your pet getting sick. We take care of it all. Hence you remain worry free while your pets remain healthy and happy.

We provide free 24×7 telephonic advice to all our planned customer so that they can get in touch with a veterinary expert as and when they need an advice.

We also provide 24×7 priority support for all our Planned customers and ensure that our services (home visit vets) are available when you need them the most.

Enrol Now and let us worry about your Pet’s Health.

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